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Most snakes that people run across are non-venomous snakes.   Non-venomous snakes are beneficial to have in your yard since they feed on snakes, rats, mice, and other rodents which transmit diseases, so many  people don’t mind sharing their yards with a few non-venomous snakes in return for their help keeping the rodent populations down.  So unless snakes really creep you out, there’s  no need to disturb them since they are doing no harm.

With that said we are not suggesting letting them stay if they are slithering around in your basement, living room, or bedroom, or in sensitive outdoor areas like children’s sandboxes and play areas – They need to be caught and removed from inside the house. Call us for Snake Catching, Snake Trapping & Snake Removal.


If you want them OUT… We will get them OUT!


The technician(s) will search for up to an hour to locate, hand capture and remove the snake from your house or property.  Any other snakes located during that time will be removed at no additional charge.  In other words it is not the amount of snakes that determine the price.  It does not matter if we remove zero or countless snakes the price is the same for the time spent.

We service the following areas for Snake trapping & Snake Removal: Alpharetta | Atlanta BallGround Buford Buckhead | Canton Crabapple  | Cumming Duluth Dunwoody  | Gainesville Johns Creek Marietta Milton Norcross Roswell | Sandy Springs  | Suwanee  and  some parts of Woodstock & Atlanta – Fulton County and Forsyth County GA.

We are tremendously successful when it comes to removing snakes and often times we find and remove more snakes than suspected. But since wildlife is unpredictable – if we come out (no matter the time of day or night) whether or not we find the snake… we get paid for the effort.



When scouring the area and removing snakes is not an option the Snake Removal Team might recommend Snake Trapping Services.  It is typically a one week – two week time frame.  Snake trapping is a lot more involved than any other species.  When a snake is trapped it takes a lot of time to remove it to make room for another snake to be caught.  That is why daily trap checks are important.

If Bitten, PLEASE CALL  “911” immediately –

Every minute counts!!! 

Poison Control

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If you have a snake that you need us to remove from your yard, house, basement, attic– simply give us a call.

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