Big Canoe Snake Control – Removal Services

If you are afraid of having snakes on your property… WE can help! We have customized a program which combines all of our  Snake Control services in Big Canoe to provide you with three (3) of the most powerful steps you can take to control snakes and keep them from staying.

Each step by itself is effective but somewhat unimpressive. However, when combined together, it is the most we can do as humans to reduce the number of snakes from our property.

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– Step 1 –

A skilled Snake Control Snake Expert will search your property in Big Canoe looking for the unwanted snakes. It does not matter how many we find during the inspection of your dwelling or property, we will spend up to an half hour looking. We have a deep understanding so we understand where they would hold-up in your property and have enormous successes in finding snakes.

We remove all of the snakes that we encounter for the flat-rate fee that we quoted.  We give you the choice for us to remove only venomous snakes and leave the non-venomous or take ALL of them with us. The snakes will be released unharmed, far away from any unwanted humans.

– STEP 2 –

As a extra benefit the Wildlife Technician will list habitat modification suggestions, which is things that you need to change to make your yard less hospitable to any unwanted snakes.  Modifications may be simple or a whole list of things in your yard that could be attracting the snakes. Habitat is as important in the snake control process and removing the snakes. You want them to feel uncomfortable as possible in your yard so they keep right on going.

Mouse trapping Alpharetta GAIF it is a rodent problem that has attracted the snakes then talk to the Wildlife technician about implementing a rat trapping or mouse trapping program to help reduce to problem before the problem comes from the outside to inside your house.

We are all about customer service. We can rid you of the rat problem QUICKER than you think. We will earn your business! ( Also see

– STEP 3 –

Three seasons in a row we have used a specific snake repellent.  Based upon positive feedback from our customers we have made it a permanent part of our arsenal of services to control snakes.

We want to address a rumor circulating around the internet that snake repellent doesn’t work.  Let’s look at how they determineestablished the effectiness.  In these videos a thick square is made from repellent.  They place a snake in the box and when the snake crosses the repellent and slithers out they say “See it doesn’t work!”. This is ridiculous to us.  First, you have to understand snake repellent does not build an invisible wall that BLOCKS the snake from crossing.  It simply disrupts the sensory organ.  It interferes with them picking up the normal signals they do to determine predator or prey.  The snake feels uncomfortable and leaves. The theory is that when a snake comes into a yard with repellent properly laid, it cannot find a place to feel secure so it goes elsewhere.  So in the situation shown in the videos on the internet OF COARSE the snake is going to leave the repellent area…  it does not feel comfortable.  Hence the point.

The repellent we prefer is a non-EPA regulated, environmentally-safe (safe for kids, plants, pets) which means it DOES NOT contain Naphthalene the active ingredient in most snake repellents.  Naphthalene is a toxic chemical on the CDC’s list of cancer-causing compounds. The repellent we use is SAFE! The Manufacturer claims with normal rain conditions the repellent should last for 3 months.

Please understand the effectiveness of repellent is not just the brand we use but also knowing how to apply it.

The combination of each of our snake control services is the best we can do as a trained Snake Control company to reduce the snake to human interactions!





Other cities that we service for snake control services are: Dawsonville, Dahlonega, Cumming, Milton, Crabapple, Alpharetta, Gainesville, Johns Creek, Roswell, Suwanee, Duluth, Berkeley Lake, Peachtree Corners, Sandy Springs, Marietta, Atlanta